About Dr. Parth Shah

Dr. Parth Shah is an interventional spine and pain specialist. He has completed his post graduation from the B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad.

He is a certified pain specialist. He has completed ‘Fellowship In Pain Management’ (FIPM) from the Daradia Pain Clinic, Kolkata (endorsed AESCULAP ACADEMY, GERMANY)

He has done his fellowship in spine and pain management and earned FPCI degree from the ‘Pain clinic of India’, Mumbai.

He has been awarded with prestigious fellowship of Indian Association of Pain Medicine (FIAPM)

He has worked as an interventional spine and pain management specialist at the ‘Government spine institute’, civil hospital, Ahmedabad.

Presently he is works as a consultant pain physician at Gujarat’s leading pain clinic “Cheers interventional and minimally invasive spine surgery center” Ahmedabad.

He is a member of the esteemed Indian society for study of pain.

He is regularly updating himself by attending various national and international conferences.

His motto is ‘ No one should live with pain, no one should die of pain’.

Our Goals

  • Identify and treat the source of pain.
  • Multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of pain syndromes.
  • Use of noninvasive -nonsurgical techniques to treat pain.
  • Use of advanced scientifically proven and ethically correct technology for management of pain.
  • Achieve maximum pain relief for the greatest length of time possible without any morbidity.
  • Help patients return to a normal productive life quickly and without heavy reliance on medications.


  • Non Surgical
-No Cutting/No Sutures
- normal tissues preserved
  • No General Anesthesia so patient can go back to work on the same day
  • Safe – no harmful medicines or techniques used
  • Precise- done under live x-ray or ultrasonography guidance
  • Minimum complications
 -Suitable for old age and high-risk patients

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