Slip Disc/Sciatica

Human spine is made up of bones, intervertebral discs and spinal cord in between. Disc is a soft jelly like material, which works as a shock absorber. Due to weight lifting, improper positioning, forward bending or age related degeneration, this disc ruptures and disc material compresses spinal cord. This causes severe back pain and radicular leg pain.



  • Severe leg pain
  • Tingling numbness sensation in leg
  • Difficulty in walking or forward bending
  • Ant walking sensation in leg
  • Heaviness in leg while walking or standing


In early stage, mild to moderate pain relieved by taking rest and  medications. After pain subsides, patients are advised to do some exercises and lifestyle modifications, which decreases chances of recurrence.


Transformational Injection– this therapy is used in patients who haven’t benefited by conservative medical treatments and have persistent mild to moderate pain despite taking medicines.

In this treatment, treatment is directly given in the affected part of nerve NY latest image guided techniques.  So it directly affects on nerve compression. This therapy breaks adhesions and decreases inflammation of nerve. So intern, alleviates pain


  • Simple day care procedure, no general anesthesia needed
  • Drug directly injected on particular part, so that dosage is very much reduced
  • latest image guidance is used , so very much precise compare to old conventional approaches
  • gives long lasting maximum pain relief

Ozone discectomy-  Ozone gas is free radical scavenger. Direct injection of this gas in disc causes shrinkage of intervertebral disc and relieves compression of nerve.  Swelling and inflammation is also reduced so pain relief is achieved


  • Used in patients with multiple level disc problems
  • No cutting, suture or general anesthesia
  • Very much useful in patients who can no undergo surgery or in patients who are not willing for surgery

Endoscopic discectomy-  It is done in patients who have severe compressing pain, who have not get relief from conservative or interventional therapies.  Different from conventional surgery, disc removal is done visually in local anesthesia without opening spine or cutting normal natural structures. So outcome and recovery is very well in this patients and major operation avoided


  • No need for general anesthesia, so chances of nerve injury are very rare.
  • No need to open spine, so normal structures like bones, muscles, and joints are preserved-
  • Stitch less suture less procedure – fast and early recovery
  • Very precise procedure- disc material can be removed from particular exact site of compression
  • Patient can move around and can be discharged on the same day of surgery

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