Facial pain/Trigeminal neuralgia

Its is one of the most painful condition known to mankind, also known as suicide disease. It is a chronic pain condition, which affects mainly older age group and women.  Pain usually appears on cheek, jaw, lips, teeth, or forehead


  • Unilateral facial pain
  • Electric shock like severe pain, which lasts for seconds to minutes
  • Pain increase with cold wind, water, taking food or brushing teeth
  • Simple touch can produce severe shock like pain

1) Medicine  – Pain can be well managed by oral anticonvulsant neuropathic medicines. This medicines works well initially for some years. But if patients who does not get relief with medicines or who have side effects of this medicines, requires interventions

2) Treatment by interventions – Radiofrequency thermocoagulation (RFTC)

It is very safe and long lasting interventional pain therapy. In this procedure, sensations of trigeminal nerve are blocked and there by pain relief achieved. RFTC of trigeminal performed under CT/ live xray guidance to achieve maximum precision


  • Treatment is done after motor and sensory stimulation- so proper part of nerve can be ablated and there by normal functions of nerve can be preserved
  • Very precise therapy- Pain is almost always relived immediately
  • Done under local anaesthesia- so risk of the procedure is very much reduced and recovery fastens
  •  Risky and costly operations can be avoided
  • Dose of medicines can be very much reduce, so that side effects are reduced
  • Other options
  • Nerve ablation by alcohol/ glycerol
  • Gama knife
  • Balloon compression

3) Surgery  – Micro vascular decompression surgery is done in patients who have pain not relieved by other modalities, open brain surgery can be done

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