Pain Management is a speciality of medicine which is dedicated to relieve patients suffering and impairment due to chronic pain. Treatment is done by advanced minimally invasive non-surgical interventional techniques. These treatments are very precise where exact site of pain is targeted.

Majority of our procedures are day care procedures done under local anaesthesia and hence do not require hospital admission. Patients can resume their routine on the very same day. However for some procedures, few hours of observation or one day admission may be required.

All procedures are performed by skilled and experienced doctors and are done under image guidance with IITV or ultrasonography and have been proven to be safe with negligible side effects.

Most of our procedures require one or two sessions only. But some chronic advanced cases may require more sessions to achieve maximum pain relief.

Pain relief is usually permanent. However in case of recurrence, treatment can be repeated.


Most of our procedures are covered under insurance.


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