Vertebroplasty is a procedure in which a special medical-grade cement mixture is injected into a fractured vertebra. The vertebrae are the small bones that make up the spine. When they become fractured, you will often experience pain and a loss of mobility. When vertebroplasty is successful, the cement mixture injection stabilizes the vertebra and allows you to return to normal activity after a recovery period.

These are the typical steps in a vertebroplasty procedure

  • Wear a medical gown.
  • The procedure usually takes place in operation theater
  • Depending on your needs, the doctor will give you sedation medication to relax you and keep you calm during the procedure.
  • If you are in severe pain, general anesthesia may be required.
  • We will use a continuous X-ray to guide the needle into your body to perform the procedure.
  • We injects the needle into the fractured bone.
  • We slowly injects the cement mixture into the vertebra.
  • Depending on how the cement enters the vertebra, a second injection might be needed to completely fill it.

After the procedure, you will be probably lie flat on your back for 1 hour while the cement hardens.

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